Why Buy a Subaru

When deciding to buy a vehicle, the process can feel like it goes on and on, as there are so many makes, models, and model years on the market, making it hard to research them all! Your search can start and stop with a Subaru in mind, as they offer safety, reliability, power, and superior handling controls, all at an affordable price for you! Guelph residents interested in this excellent automotive brand should continue to read through this article by Pfaff Subaru to find out exactly what sets Subaru, and us, apart from the competition.

Eye Sight

This highly advanced driver-assist system is exclusively found in Subaru vehicles, offering drivers active and reactive assistance during the most hazardous of driving conditions. It works almost like a second pair of eyes watching out for you on the road, warning and aiding you in avoiding oncoming danger.

Adaptive Cruise Control will see your vehicle seamlessly adjust its speed when it comes upon a car to keep a safe distance apart. Pre-collision Braking and Pre-collision Throttle Management can gradually slow or stop the car, and even cut power, to make sure you don’t collide with an oncoming vehicle or object. While Lane Departure Sway Warning will alert you when you start to drift into another lane without your indicator on.

Subaru Global Platform

Sometimes in life, you have to pay high prices for high quality. But when it comes to Subaru, you can obtain a quality-made vehicle, complete with all of the agile handling, powerful engines, and safety and modern tech you could want or need, at affordable pricing! This is especially so, thanks to the new Subaru Global platform, effective in the latest lineup. Advanced architecture and new and improved structure rigidity offer drivers improved straight-line stability, noise and vibration reduction, and a boost in ride comfort.

Pfaff Fine Print

With a new customer-oriented model implemented into our business, our team is now offering a more accessible and personable way of buying your next vehicle! Our approach extends you our best price first- so we can do away with stressful and time-consuming negotiations and show you how attainable a Subaru is. One of our knowledgeable and friendly members of staff will be your one point of contact for the entire process. They do not work on commission so you can be sure that they have your best interests always in mind, working to find you the car of your dreams.

If the points listed above have gotten you nodding your head in excitement at owning a Subaru, than come visit us in person at Pfaff Subaru, as we are conveniently located at 12 Wilbert Street, in the Guelph Auto Mall.

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