Our Subaru New Business Model for Guelph

Our dealership is introducing a new business model for an all-around positive car buying and selling process! Pfaff has been implementing a refreshing approach to the customer experience across some of our dealerships. As it has been met with a wide appreciation and positive response, Pfaff Subaru brings this easy, and customer-oriented method to the Guelph area! Please read on to learn what this exciting program entails, and how it can see you driving away in a new Subaru!

Best Price First

Stressful negotiations and monotonous back and forth have been an arduous part of the car buying experience for many years. However, this approach can be frustrating for all involved, and possibly detrimental to a good deal- this is why our dealership has adopted the new model of always leading with our best price first. Offering a fair market price, and the best deal upfront saves time and removes friction and anxiety from the entire process!

 Commission-Free Point of Contact

Upon visiting our facility, your needs will be looked after as soon as you walk through our doors. We offer one point of contact, so you can work with one consultant through the entire process, who has the product knowledge and service expertise to provide you with the best Subaru experience you could imagine. Our team does not work on a commission bases, meaning your needs take the driver’s seat, as they work with you to help choose the right car for you- whatever your budget may be.

No Hidden Fees

There are no more pre-loaded or admin fees that you have to worry about popping up at the end of a deal. Every cost is in plain sight, so when you say yes to an agreement, you are deciding on a clear, set amount, without fear of hidden costs surprising you upon signing.

We Want Your Car

Whether or not you decide to buy a car at our dealership, our team will still extend a written offer of sale to buy your car, with no strings attached! Choose to put that money towards securing a new or used Subaru from our inventory, or walk away with a heavier wallet in tow!

 Money-Back Guarantee

Have you ever decided on a deal, only to be met with intense regret? Wave those feelings goodbye knowing that your signed contract can change. Pfaff offers a 3-day/300 km money-back guarantee on all vehicles and a 30-day/1,500 km exchange policy on all pre-owned cars.

If the implementation of this new model has gotten you excited to experience this customer-oriented approach, come on down to Pfaff Subaru today, located at 12 Wilbert Street, in the Guelph Auto Mall.

Please click here to find our contact information, fill out our contact form for further assistance, or schedule a test drive of an exciting new Subaru today!