Our Subaru Dealership is Now Open

Our Subaru Dealership is Now Open!
For the last decade, Subaru has been making big waves in the automotive industry, as the brand has continuously developed reliable products, superior services, and cultivated an overall inclusive and cohesive image of their consumer base. The best of Subaru has come to Guelph in the form of our newly opened Pfaff Subaru dealership. Those in the market for affordable perfection should visit us at 12 Wilbert Street this February.
Subaru has become a reliable alternative to other automotive companies, as this fantastic brand offers superior quality of their products at better pricing over that of competing makes and models.
The brand has developed this steadfast product line by cultivating a philosophy that strives to create innovative products and services that deliver the highest levels of engineering and quality to the consumer. In doing this, Subaru is illustrating to their customers how integral their relationship to the company is, and how every individual contributes to and shares in the overall success of Subaru.
Backed by a rich motorsports heritage, Subaru has been able to continuously develop and test their latest technological advancement in their lineup through rally competitions.  Rallying is one of the most demanding forms of motorsports across the board, with the most varied conditions imaginable pushing machine and man to the limits.
It is thanks to these competitions that Subaru has been able to develop our state-of-art symmetrical full-time AWD system, making it equally capable on gravel, ice, snow, or sand, as it is on tarmac. Subaru Canada is currently a Presenting Sponsor of the Canadian Rally Championship and is the 13-time winner of the Marques Championship, the series’ top award- illustrating just how versatile the brand is.
The driving experience should fill one with excitement and pleasure every time they step on the peddle and let loose the throttle. If you get behind the wheel of your vehicle and all you feel is disdain or mediocracy, then your ride could be in need of a significant upgrade.
Purchasing a Subaru means never having to compromise the thrill of the drive for the practicality of the product. Receive dexterity, speed, power, and excitement when you buy Subaru.
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The Guelph community is invited to come on down to the newly opened Pfaff Subaru dealership to experience what we have to offer first hand. Conveniently located at 12 Wilbert St, our friendly staff look forward to welcoming you upon your visit.
Please feel free to continue to browse our website at your leisure, or click here to find our contact information, fill out our contact form for further assistance, or schedule a test drive of one of our amazing Subarus today!