Can I buy genuine accessories for my Subaru Ascent?

Can I buy genuine accessories for my Subaru Ascent?
Life can be jam-packed with priorities. Places to go. Things to do. And family road trips to embrace. Which is why the 2020 Subaru Ascent checks all the boxes. It’s big, flexible, comfortable, and loaded with technology to keep everyone safe and connected. A full selection of Genuine Subaru Accessories is available to make your Subaru Ascent even more special. At Pfaff Subaru in Guelph, ON, our customers can buy genuine accessories for their Subaru Ascent vehicles. If you are looking for more information about the selection of accessories you can get for your Subaru Ascent, then we encourage you to continue reading this article by Pfaff Subaru.
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For peace of mind 
Whether traveling across town or embarking on a super-sized family adventure, you never know what the road will throw at you. To keep your Subaru Ascent looking its best both inside and out, choose from a full line of custom-designed Genuine Subaru Accessories to help protect it from the dings, dirt, and spills you didn’t see coming. Consider a door scuff protector. A durable, easy to clean plastic shell that protects your doors from common shoe scuffs and other scrapes when entering and exiting your vehicle. The unique texture compliments the design of the Ascent. Additionally, consider the Severe Weather Companion. The Severe Weather Companion contains just about everything needed to handle an unexpected weather emergency while traveling. Included are items that help provide the basic necessities such as warmth, light, water, first aid, and the ability to signal for help; all packaged in a handy padded canvas carrying case.
Comfort and convenience 
With a roomy cargo area, spacious interior, and flexible seating, the 3-row Subaru Ascent provides true family versatility for all the adventures ahead. Customize your comfort zone even more by choosing from a full line of Genuine Subaru Accessories. Consider a second-row sunshade. Keep your rear passengers comfortable with the 2nd Row Sunshade. When in use, these sunshades dull sun glare and reduce temperatures, as well as provide UV-A/B protection. Custom designed to function with all safety features and window operation. 
When the urge to explore hits, the 3-row Subaru Ascent is ready and waiting, equipped with ample cargo space and seating for up to eight passengers. But when a family adventure seems to outgrow the space, Genuine Subaru Lifestyle Accessories can help. From cargo baskets to bike carriers, you’ll find everything you need to expand your vehicle. And your horizons. Consider the Thule® crossbar roof set. The aero extended crossbars offer an aerodynamic profile that helps to minimize wind noise. Quick and easy installation/removal, the crossbars provide a large surface area to mount multiple accessories. Compatible with Thule® Genuine Subaru roof accessories. 
At Pfaff Subaru, you can buy genuine accessories for your Subaru Ascent. If you are looking for more information about this, we encourage you to get in touch with a Pfaff Subaru representative. Click here to learn about the Pfaff Difference. 
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