Can I store my tires at the dealership?

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Can I store my tires at the dealership?

Offering tire storage is about providing a beneficial service to your customers that guarantees they’ll come back at least twice a year. Presenting this inexpensive and hassle-free solution will attract interest from motorists looking for a low-cost alternative when installing and storing seasonal wheels. Customers just want to get their tires swapped and know their unused wheels are being cared for. As the customer, if you are looking to store your tires at the dealership, then you have come to the right place at Pfaff Subaru. In this blog, we will be talking about why dealerships let their customers store their tires!
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Whether you decide to store customer tires onsite or in an off-site facility, you can provide reassurance that their valuable property is being safely stored in a secure environment. In the meantime, the condition of their tires is also checked and documented.

One-stop service…

For most owners, the prospect of having their vehicle prepared for the season in one quick, effortless visit to the shop is appealing. Adding this service makes it easier for your customers, and more efficient for your shop by combining a tire swap appointment with additional servicing in the same day.

Increased storage space at home…

Not all vehicle owners have the space and security required to store their own valuable tire sets. By providing this service, you remove this concern for your customers, freeing up precious storage space in their homes.


Elderly customers or those with disabilities will find this service a must, eliminating the need to worry about moving the tire sets themselves. Perhaps offering to provide this service as part of a wider mobility program will add further incentive for customers to buy from the dealership.
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