Find a used Subaru near me in Guelph

Find a Used Subaru Near Me in Guelph
Undertaking the purchase of a vehicle is no small matter. Finding a reliable, ergonomically engineered, and fuel-efficient car, all for a reasonable price, can be hard to come by, especially if you are buying new. Why not skip out on the higher cost, higher insurance, and higher depreciation, and choose a used Subaru from our newly opened Pfaff Subaru dealership in the city of Guelph, while still receiving everything you could ask for out of a vehicle.
In this article by Pfaff Subaru, we will be talking about why you should consider used car shopping at our newly opened Subaru dealership located in The Guelph Auto Mall.
Lower Cost
Purchasing a used Subaru is easier than ever before, thanks to a one-price, no-negotiation experience with one point of contact offered at our Guelph location. Our sales representatives strive to unite locals with their perfect used Subaru on the sole basis of providing the best customer service on the market, as our dealership does not run on commissions.
As one of the newest dealerships from the Pfaff Automotive company, Pfaff Subaru opens its doors to the Guelph public, offering residents high-quality, gently used Subaru vehicles.

Lower Insurance

Buying used not only means saving money outright; it means saving money monthly. Insurance coverage will be cheaper for a used Subaru over a new one, as the used vehicle has a lower market value than a new one, thus lower insurance costs are needed on the road.
Lower Depreciation
When buying new or used, car seekers should always keep in mind the depreciation rates of the vehicle you are looking to buy. At current depreciation rates, the value of a new car can drop by more than 20% after just the first year of ownership, with a 10% drop following every year after, for the next four years!
Buying a used Subaru from the newly opened dealership in Guelph means a lot less depreciation for you and your vehicle! Used cars regularly retain their value when they change hands, two, three, or even four times.
Buy Smart, Buy Used Subaru
When you are used car shopping in the Guelph area, it makes perfect sense to consider Pfaff’s newly opened Subaru dealership, conveniently located in The Guelph Auto Mall.
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