Pfaff Subaru Guelph Dealership

Pfaff Subaru Guelph Dealership
As part of our new customer-oriented business approach and our mission to be the best Subaru dealership that we can be, we’re shaking things up at Pfaff Subaru! If you are looking to purchase a capable Subaru model, with customer services that will satisfy, then our Guelph facility is the place to go. To find out more about our Pfaff Subaru Guelph dealership, and how we can deliver to you an exciting and satisfying car-buying experience, please keep reading below.
Best Price First
Where other dealerships cause strife and stress with the way they interact and negotiate with their clients, we aim to skip over such negative interactions, instead, offering our best price first. When you have found a Subaru model that works for you, we will extend a fair market price, for both our new and used inventory, that will remove friction and save you time!
Our Full Attention
Being passed from representative to representative when you are looking to spend a sizeable financial sum on something you love can be a highly frustrating experience. At Pfaff Subaru, we make sure that you will have one point of contact, as you’ll work with one consultant through the entire car-buying process, so we can build a relationship with you and make sure all of your needs are met without fear of miscommunication.
No Hidden Fees
When you’re offered the full price for the vehicle you wish to purchase, no pre-loaded or admin fees are lurking around the corner. Our services are transparent, with everything in plain sight for you to see and agree upon before signing.
We Want Your Car
Whether you end up purchasing a new or used Subaru model from us or not, we will extend a written offer to buy your current car. We can take your old vehicle off of your hands for a fair market price, so you don’t have to worry about the time commitment and hassle of doing it yourself. Put that cash offer towards a new or used car from our inventory, or walk away with more money than you came to our dealership with.
Contact Us
For a satisfying car-buying experience that will leave you with the car of your dreams and zero regrets, then stop by our Pfaff Subaru Guelph dealership to begin the process today. We are conveniently located in the Guelph Auto Mall, at 12 Wilbert Street, and are ready to extend our amazing offers to you!
Please feel free to continue to browse our website, or click here to find out our contact information online, and fill out our contact form to learn more about our customer-oriented business approach.