Should I buy a certified pre-owned Subaru over a pre-owned Subaru?

Should I buy a certified pre-owned Subaru over a pre-owned Subaru?
Are you looking into the purchase of a pre-owned Subaru vehicle? Did you know that there are a few tiers of pre-owned Subaru that you can purchase? At our Pfaff Subaru dealership, our customers can find Subaru pre-owned vehicles and certified pre-owned Subaru vehicles. What is the big difference between the two you may be asking? Well for starters, a certified pre-owned Subaru provides you with an extra layer of quality and service. In this article by Pfaff Subaru in Guelph, ON, we will be sharing some information about why you should buy a certified pre-owned Subaru as opposed to a pre-owned Subaru.
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The certification 
Certified pre-owned vehicles typically come with a more rigorous inspection process and extended manufacturer warranties therefore are usually more attractive to buyers looking for extended peace of mind with vehicles and benefits that compare to purchasing a new vehicle. With these added benefits sometimes comes a higher price. Is the peace of mind and added coverages worth it to you? Does having a vehicle that has been inspected and confirmed by factory-trained technicians to be eligible for certification, an important part of your decision process? If so, then a certified pre-owned Subaru is the way to go for you.
Vehicle inspections
In order for a Subaru vehicle to become certified pre-owned, it must pass rigorous inspections for quality and functionality. Every certified pre-owned 152 point inspection is performed by a genuine Subaru technician who understands Subaru vehicles inside and out. If for some reason a Subaru vehicle cannot pass this inspection, it is not eligible to become a certified pre-owned Subaru, and will not have all the benefits of the certified pre-owned Subaru program.
24/7 roadside assistance 
Another reason to opt for a certified pre-owned Subaru is because of the added features you can experience. Roadside assistance is an important part of driving your certified preowned Subaru with peace of mind. This is a 24/7 nationwide program. If you run into any issues while on the road someone will be dispatched to help. Every certified pre-owned Subaru comes standard with this benefit for worry-free driving ahead.
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