Subaru Maintenance Schedule

Subaru Maintenance Schedule

Like many other vehicles on the road, Subaru vehicles require routine maintenance to keep them performing at their best. Pfaff Subaru put together this general Subaru maintenance schedule to help Guelph, Ontario, drivers learn more about their Subaru’s maintenance needs.

The maintenance schedule below is general for most Subaru models; however, specific maintenance schedules for your Subaru can be found in its owner’s manual.

Every 10,000 Kilometres

One of the first maintenance intervals for a Subaru is at 10,000 kilometres. The services at this maintenance appointment will continue throughout your Subaru’s life.

At this service interval, your Subaru will receive an oil change. The tires will be inspected, as well as the operations of all lights, wipers, and washers. All door latches, hinges, and locks will be lubricated.

Every 20,000 Kilometres

At the 20,000-kilometre service appointment, you’ll receive all of the previous maintenance services, as well as a few others. Your Subaru’s tires will be rotated to keep the wear pattern even, and all tire pressures will be inspected.

Your engine and air filters will be inspected and replaced, if needed. If your Subaru has a clutch, a technician will inspect that as well.

Oil Change

Every 60,000 Kilometres

At 60,000 kilometres, your Subaru has been on the road for quite a while. Visit us again for a service appointment that includes everything you’ve received at the 10,000-kilometre and 20,000-kilometre service appointments.

In addition, your Subaru’s underbody will be inspected for damage. This is especially important if you’ve been off-roading. The axle boot condition will also be inspected, as well as all steering and suspension components.

At this time, your brake fluid will be replaced, and your fuel injectors will be serviced to ensure that your engine and brakes function as they should.

tire rotation

Every 80,000 Kilometres

A few more services are added on at the 80,000-kilometre service appointment. Some common services will be replicated here, including a tire rotation and oil change.

While we service your Subaru, we’ll inspect and service your brakes, including the parking brake. Wheel bearings and propeller shafts will also be inspected. All fluid levels, including both differentials, will be adjusted.


Every 110,000 Kilometres

Your Subaru has been on the road for roughly five years when this service interval arrives. This service appointment, like previous appointments, contains many of the inspections and replacements that your Subaru has previously received.

At this interval, your Subaru’s battery will be serviced. The drive belt is also inspected and adjusted, if needed, along with all the fluid levels in your Subaru.

Brake Fluid Change

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If your Subaru is approaching one of its maintenance intervals, schedule a service appointment at Pfaff Subaru. Our team will take care of your Subaru and get you back on the roads of Guelph, ON, as soon as possible.

While your vehicle is serviced with us, you’ll experience the Pfaff Difference, our approach to the customer experience. We will do our best to get you back on the road quickly while maintaining our high-quality service.