Tips for a safe winter road trip in your Subaru

Tips for a safe winter road trip in your Subaru
When we talk about “road trip season,” we’re usually focused on that precious handful of weeks between the time the kids get out of school and Labor Day. But you’re driving a Subaru, road trip season is all year long. While road trips these days are few and far between due to the current and ongoing pandemic, we can still reminisce about getting back out there in our Subaru vehicles one day. At Pfaff Subaru in Guelph, ON, our dealership is home to some very high-end vehicles that can be great winter road trip companions. In this article, we share some information about a few tips for safe winter road trips in your Subaru. 
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Make sure you have a good set of winter tires on your Subaru
Two things make winter tires vital: They have a more aggressive tread pattern that allows the tire’s tread to cut through snow and maintain as much grip as possible, even in icy conditions. Less evident is the rubber compound. An all-season tire loses its flexibility as temperatures drop below freezing, while the rubber compound in a winter tire stays pliable all the way to subzero temperatures. 
Invest in a jump starter
The smallest jump-starters are the size of a power bank for charging smartphones, and they easily stash in the glove box or center console. Depending on which features you choose, it can be equipped with rechargeable flashlights or emergency beacons. Look not only for size but also the amperage to make sure it offers enough instant starting amps to spin the starter in your Subaru.
Get your Subaru checked by a service technician 
If you are planning a winter road trip in your Subaru vehicle, then you should consider scheduling an appointment at your Subaru service department. Having your Subaru looked over to make sure your fluids are topped up and your windshields wipers are in good working order is a great idea. Additionally, with that, your service technician can make sure your brakes are working well and your Subaru’s heating and defrost system is functioning properly. 
These are just a few tips that you can take advantage of before you take your Subaru out for a winter road trip. Contact Pfaff Subaru to set up your service appointment today.  
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