What is Subaru PZEV technology?

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What is Subaru PZEV technology?

The Subaru PZEV (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) is an affordable, no-compromise, eco-friendly alternative. Although the Subaru PZEV runs on regular unleaded fuel, it offers significant smog-reducing environmental benefits and delivers equal performance compared to non-PZEV cars or SUVs, including hybrids, diesel, and alternative fuel vehicles. Subaru PZEVs allow drivers to reduce their impact on the environment while sacrificing nothing by delivering a win-win combination of advantages. If you are looking to find information about Subaru PZEV technology, then you have come to the right place at Pfaff Subaru. Subaru vehicles are packed full of efficient and innovative technology. When you visit our dealership in Guelph, ON for a test drive, you can experience these vehicles first hand. In this blog, we share some information about Subaru PZEV technology.
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How does Subaru PZEV technology work?

With Subaru PZEV vehicles, the remarkable reduction of smog-forming emissions is achieved through modifications in four key areas:

Catalytic Converter:

A larger and finer mesh of catalyst-lined passageways within a Subaru PZEV catalytic converter greatly contributes to its ability to reduce emissions. Along the entire length of the mesh are precious metals whose role is to change the molecular structure of the offensive emissions that try to pass through. In fact, the contact area is almost twice that of a traditional catalytic converter, producing a much more effective conversion of pollutants.

Fuel Injectors:

The fuel injectors on Subaru PZEV vehicles close tighter than conventional injectors to prevent evaporative emissions from fuel leakage into the intake manifold.

Duel-filtration air-intake:

In a conventional vehicle, unburned gas fumes can escape through the engine’s air intake once the engine is shut off. To prevent this, Subaru PZEVs are equipped with a charcoal canister in the air intake that absorbs these evaporative hydrocarbon emissions.

Engine Control Module:

Vehicle emissions are worst in cold start conditions. Subaru addresses this problem by altering the programming in the Engine Control Module to delay ignition timing, making the exhaust gasses hotter, which helps the catalytic converter heat up sooner, reducing emissions.

What are some advantages of the Subaru PZEV technology?

There is a long list of advantages of the Subaru PZEV technology. Some of the advantages include:

No change in performance of your Subaru:

You have certain expectations of your Subaru. High-performance from the SUBARU BOXER engine. All-weather all-road traction from Subaru symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive. Superior handling from the rally-tested, 4-wheel independent suspension. The Subaru PZEV compromises on none of these attributes.

Hassle-free ownership:

With no special maintenance requirements or unique maintenance schedule, the Subaru PZEV is easy to keep operating at peak efficiency at all times.

Uncompromised versatility:

With no special equipment needed, such as a secondary power source, the Subaru PZEV is virtually identical in design to its stablemates within the Subaru line-up. This means that cargo capacity and interior space are not affected at all. Just another way the Subaru PZEV offers a hassle-free driving experience!
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