Where to find a pre-owned Subaru Ascent 

Where to find a pre-owned Subaru Ascent 
The Subaru Ascent is a dual threat as both a family friendly mid size SUV and a versatile all purpose vehicle. The Ascent was a new offering for 2019, but stuck to the Subaru brand blueprint offering safety and versatility as standard features. The Subaru Ascent is as comfortable on sand, gravel and snow as it is passing vehicles and handling corners with good acceleration. If you are looking for where you can find a pre-owned Subaru Ascent in Guelph, then our Pfaff Subaru dealership is the place to be. You can find some features of a pre-owned Subaru Ascent by reading this blog about a 2019 model.
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The Subaru Ascent offered two seating variations 
The Subaru Ascent offers optional captain’s chair seating for second row passengers. This option makes the interior even more comfortable in the second row. It also features enlarged second row access for comfort entering and exiting the vehicle. The standard configuration features seating for eight people with bench seats in both the second and third row.
Plenty of standard features in the 2019 Subaru Ascent
The Subaru Ascent comes loaded with features at the base trim level. Aside from the standard AWD, turbocharged engine and automated safety features, buyers will also get tri-zone automatic climate control, rearview camera and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Subaru Ascent also comes standard with a 6.5 inch touchscreen infotainment system featuring Starlink.
The 2019 Subaru Ascent is fun to drive 
The Subaru Ascent sets itself apart from other midsize SUVs with a powerful base engine and AWD. The powerful engine makes driving fun with plenty of acceleration. It is also off road capable. It features 8.7 inches of ground clearance to better handle rough terrain. It also handles well on windy roads, offering the driver confidence when driving.
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