Why Buy a Subaru?

When you begin your search for adventure-ready transportation in the Guelph area, a new Subaru car or SUV may sit at the top of your wish list for a variety of reasons. Not only do our Subaru vehicles stand the test of time in terms of reliability and long-term resale value, but you also have access to a safe SUV or car to transport your family from one place to the next. The Subaru brand continues to draw a loyal following of auto enthusiasts, and for good reason: Subaru offers more and better safety and performance features than the competition. So why should you buy a Subaru in Guelph? Continue reading this article by Pfaff Subaru to find out.
Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive
All-wheel drive (AWD) is not a unique concept, but symmetrical all-wheel drive is. Unlike most AWD systems that are adapted from 2-wheel drive, Subaru’s symmetrical AWD starts out as all-wheel drive. Power for the symmetrical AWD system comes directly from Subaru’s Boxer engine, which gives adequate power to each wheel, continuously, to prevent slippage in any road condition. Only Subaru’s symmetrical AWD system is always on to protect you and your family when you need it most.
Subaru Advanced Safety Engineering
People think of safety as the ability to survive an accident. But, the best way to survive an accident is to avoid having one in the first place. Subaru’s are equipped with a broad range of safety features and systems to protect you. At Pfaff Subaru, we don’t feel that safety features should be an option on your next car purchase. That’s why all of our Subaru’s have a thorough array of active and passive safety features to protect you and your family.
Subaru Horizontally Opposed Boxer Engine
The Subaru Boxer engine sits at the heart of every Subaru vehicle. The intelligent engineering behind Subaru’s Boxer engine provides the get-up and go you expect from a Subaru, and provides plenty of power for Subaru’s symmetrical AWD system. The flat laying engine design provides the perfect combination of balance, power and efficiency. Besides the occupants, the most important piece of your vehicle is under the hood.
If you are looking for some reasons to buy a Subaru in Guelph, then hopefully the above reasons were of help to you. We recommend that you schedule a test drive at Pfaff Subaru at your earliest convenience wither on our website, or by contacting our representatives. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test drive, or to fill out our contact form.