Why is the Subaru design so popular?

Why is the Subaru design so popular?
Commonly, customers choose to buy a Subaru vehicle because of the technology they include and their design features. At Pfaff Subaru in Guelph, ON, we have a very large selection of new and pre-owned Subaru vehicles that are waiting to be taken out for a test drive and truly experienced. The Subaru design is popular because of the high-end materials and technology that goes into the design. In this article by Pfaff Subaru, we share some information about why the Subaru design is so popular. 
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The Subaru Boxer Engine 
Drawn from over a century of intelligent performance, the horizontal layout of the Subaru Boxer engine combines balance with power and efficiency. You’ll find one at the heart of every Subaru model. There are different Subaru Boxer engines for the different styles of Subaru vehicles, tailored to the vehicle and meeting the performance requirements of customers’ needs. But every engine is built from the same simple, efficient design.
Subaru Transmission 
From high performance to low maintenance, Subaru transmissions offer you excellent efficiency in an all-wheel-drive vehicle. Refine the performance of your automatic transmission with smooth-shifting Manual Shift Mode technology. Working with the 6-speed automatic transmission, steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters allow you to take control of the gears when you need greater precision, like climbing hills or passing vehicles and then settle back into automatic when you don’t.
Subaru Steering & Suspension
Subaru suspensions are designed for confident handling, a smooth ride, and dynamic balance to help handle whatever the road throws at you. When it comes to handling whatever the road throws at you, every Subaru starts with the smooth ride that 4-wheel fully independent suspension brings. Every Subaru vehicle features a 4-wheel fully independent suspension system, helping to smooth out those bumpy back roads and give taut responsiveness to handling the rigors of the urban jungle.
As you can see, the Subaru design is so popular because of the high-end technological features. For more information about the Subaru design, we encourage you to get in touch with a Pfaff Subaru representative today. Additionally, at Pfaff, there’s no being handed around, no wondering if you got the best deal, and no haggling price in-person or ever. Just honest customer service that actually serves you, the customer. It’s what we like to call: the Idealership. Click here to learn about the Pfaff Difference. 
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